These collections are on this page simply to show my skills and advanced knowledge in the field, I am simply freelance and open to this type of project!

Bots Invaders

This collection is entirely animated, and we are two artists who worked on it. You can support us and buy on, on Solana blockchain.


What is PolyBuccaneers? In fact, it represents two Pixel Art pirates themed collection.

Captain Pingu

The first one is a simple one of 10 000 uniques jipeg penguins. This is my first collection, which I made in order to be sure to be able to carry out a NFT blockchain project from A to Z, from the artwork layers and smart contract to the website, including all the webdesigns (even the social icons). It was launched on the Polygon network, and you can mint for free.


The second one is a GIF collection of 10,000 characters, based on rarity, some of which are very rare! For this collection, I also coded a truly unique smart contract, coded the whole dedicated website myself. This collection is available here.

Gorilla BTC

Gorilla BTC is an Ordinals collection of 3333 characters on the Bitcoin network and including 50 legendaries, for which I also created a showcase site as well as animations for marketing.

Note: Legal proceedings against the other person involved in this project are underway (for counterfeiting, violation of copyright, exploiton rights and violation of paternity rights, as well as other accusations and of course all the evidence in my possession) Despite this, I would like to present this collection here in order to demonstrate my hard work and my knowledge of the field.

Animations for marketing


I generally use Aseprite, Krita and Gimp for Pixel Art, as well as other lesser-known paid software. I specialize in 2d art and 2d animation using open source software if possible. I also plan to learn the basics of Blender. For the moment, I am able to create and generate an entire collection with metadata. I can also create a fully animated collection. I can work either in my traditional style or in Pixel Art. For commissions, look at the dedicated tab. I can also create artist portfolio website, minting website or a showcase site, logos, banners, avatars, etc., or make a unique animation.