Unique artwork:


  • Illustration technique, size, complexity and subject matter can greatly affect the price of an illustration. Added to these elements and in the event of commercial exploitation are the copyrights, which are different depending on the final print medium and the intended duration of use!

  • Working with various mediums, and whether you are an individual or a company, I therefore prefer that you contact me directly for a personalized quote...

  • In the meantime, some of my works are available as prints, and some of my originals are available on my online store here.


*This is for information purposes only, and to give a general idea of the work put into each drawing.

Traditional illustrationA4 format
Idea + tracing (pencil)60 to 80 €
Inking (Indian ink)60 to 80 €
Adding colors60 to 80 €
Spray varnishing (if possible)20 €
Total€160 to €300 depending on the model and complexity


*Static or animated (depending on the platform, or if it's for a website)

Static67 €50 €107 €
Animated117 €95 €197 €


NOTE: For now, I only do and specialize into Pixel Art.

Regarding the creation of generative collections for NFTs, before starting the work, here is how I operate:

  1. We will discuss your project, and a quote will be provided with the amount to be paid (commission fee) by the client upon finalization of the order. We will also discuss the percentage (legally required) to be granted to me on NFT sales or commercial exploitation on other platforms (in other words, the transfer of copyright).

  2. Once the requirements of your project are determined, the commission contract will be provided:

  • It will include my commitments (number of base characters, number of traits, deadline, etc.) as well as those of the team or the client (commitment to pay a deposit at the time of the order, commitment to pay a determined total amount, etc.).

  • It will also include a section regarding the transfer of copyright and the percentage to be granted to me, which we will have discussed beforehand.

  1. The commission contract must be returned signed and initialed before the execution of the order.

  2. We will potentially determine together your additional needs, such as creating and maintaining a showcase website, creating animations or visuals for marketing, etc., which will be the subject of new quotes and commission contracts.

Note: My acquired skills go well beyond just being a graphic artist, I am also a developer and entrepreneur. Therefore, the percentage varies depending on my level of involvement in your project: if I have to be active on Discord/Twitter and other social networks (for example, helping with moderation and managing Alphabot collabs on Discord, reposting your project on Twitter etc.), if I also have to create animations for marketing in addition to the collection, and if you want me to create a showcase website with updates, if you want me to be integrated into your team as a founding member, if you want very high availability with unlimited revisions, the minimum required percentage will not be the same as if I simply have to create a collection.


To give you an idea of my rates:

Static collection in jpeg or png format:

PackageBasic: 387 €Standard: 767 €Premium: 957 €
Number of NFTs1000500010000
Number of traitsBetween 80 and 120Between 110 and 160Between 150 and 200
Normal delivery5 days7 days10 days
Quick delivery3 days (+ 97€)5 days (+ 127€)7 days (+247€)
Additional basic character+ 37€ per basic character
Legendary 1/1+ 37€ per legendary
Animated legendary 1/1+ 97€ per legendary

*Metadata files included and adapted to the blockchain of your choice.

*Smaller or intermediate collections (for example, 3333, 4444, 7777, etc.) are possible, and the prices will be slightly adjusted.

Animated collection in gif or mp4 format:

Due to the additional work involved, expect the price and delivery to be approximately three times the price announced for a static collection.

Pixel Art animations for marketing:

PackageBasic: 247 €Standard: 647 €Premium: 997 €
Number of animations1 animation3 animations5 animations
Delivery1 day3 days5 days

Setting up a showcase site for your NFTS/Ordinals project:

Setting up your site to present your NFT collection to the public with your FAQ or Roadmap, an About section and Legal notices in single-page format (SPA: Single Page Application) and in one or more languages (i18n).

Lump sum997€
Additional language+ 197€
Delivery3/5 days
Google ScoreBetween 95 and 100%
Domain name included
Responsive design
NFTs images/animations
Social icons
Security (CSP)
SEO Optimization

  • Contact me for more details!

*I am subject to French legislation. Any disputes, failure to comply with contractual clauses, theft of artwork, exploitation without my consent, or infringement of copyright will systematically lead to legal action, and the documents, evidence, or screenshots will be forwarded to a lawyer specialized specialized in the defense of intellectual property law and in defending artists' rights.