Promote your art

Promote your art

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There are several effective ways to promote your art, here are some tips!

1/ Create a website to present your work and allow people to easily discover it.

For this, you can do it yourself from A to Z: it will require you to have skills - or an apprenticeship - sharpened in computer science, but the ability to update your site yourself and organize it the way you want is a definite plus!

You can also go through a platform dedicated to artists. Indeed, they all or almost all now offer a space with a domain name, where you can create your portfolio and then share it on social networks, sometimes with subscription giving benefits. The main drawback is the lack of SEO optimization.

The last solution -and surely the best- is to delegate this task to a web development professional. It can be expensive at first glance, but you will save a lot of time that you can for example spend creating new works!

2/ Use social networks to show your creations and interact with other artists and art lovers, ask your family and friends to share without restriction.

Instagram or Tiktok, for example, are essential today to reach a large audience. Making videos or time-lapses of your creations generates engagement. This commitment helps to grow your community, and therefore to bring you a potential clientele. If you don't know how to sell yourself, no one will do it for you. even if you are a Picasso!

If you're comfortable with Facebook - which remains another essential social network - create a page and use it to join groups of art, drawing or painting, and share your publications there. A very interesting feature is that you can then invite those who like your posts to also like your page.

You can also go through Deviantart or similar. Deviantart is the oldest and largest internet community of art lovers in the world.

Whatever your platform of choice, _read and reply to comments, don't be shy or shy. If you plan to make a living from your art, the adage "live happily live hidden" absolutely does not work for artists. And the way social networks are designed means that the more comments there will be, the more your publications will be highlighted by the algorithms! So yes, it may seem horrible to you: talking to lots of people, interacting as much as possible, etc. Besides it has even become a profession in its own right today (Community Manager).

Obviously if you reach a considerable number of subscribers, it will become far too time-consuming for this to be possible - you can always delegate, for example - , but get used to it and do your best at it, at least in the beginning.

If you want to reach an even wider audience, mastering English or having your publications translated is a considerable asset, even essential in today's world.

3/ Participate in art fairs, exhibitions to meet other artists and possibly find buyers for your work. Internet is very good, but nothing beats the IRL!

4/ Network and build relationships with art galleries and industry professionals to increase your visibility and credibility as an artist.

5/ Make yourself known by offering interviews, participating in cultural events or organizing workshops and conferences.

6/ Be active online by regularly posting content on your website and on social networks to show off your latest creations and get people excited about your work.

7/ Be original and creative in your marketing to stand out from other artists and attract the attention of potential buyers.

8/ Collaborate with other artists or with companies to create joint projects or original products that can help you promote your art and reach a wider audience.