AI VS artists

AI VS artists

To tell the truth, at the very beginning I was fascinated... I discovered NightCafé as well as the first versions of Midjourney in beta, a few months before the huge hype that followed. Today I am much more mixed. I don't think AI tools will disappear, even with lawsuits... On the other hand, this poses a huge problem for the sector artistic (especially digital) already blocked and very competitive. And for those who, eventually, would rejoice at the disappearance of the artists and/or at this innovation technological, know that sooner or later your job will also be replaced by robots or machines, just do a search on the subject: 45% of jobs will be concerned within ten years!

Will AI replace artists?

It is difficult to predict the future of art and AI, but it is unlikely that AI can completely replace artists. Conversely, the best works created with the help of AI like Dalle-E will probably be created by technophile artists, people who already have the "artistic fiber", experience and a sensitivity certain in these areas, rather than by "ordinary" people.

Some artists produce their digital works with AI, but retouch and humanize them with Photoshop, for example. Moreover, it should be understood that the people who use these AIs have to manipulate a lot of parameters before reaching the expected result, and in fact the works remain - despite everything - plagiarism... Uh product of human minds!

AI can of course be used to create stunning original artwork, but AI cannot replicate human creativity and expression. which are at the heart of the art. In the current state of things, the AI therefore remains a kind of advanced assistant.

Moreover, art is often used to express unique emotions, opinions and ideas, but current AIs are not able to "think" or produce works. by themselves, of their own free will. Artists also have years of experience and training to perfect their art, which is difficult to replicate with AI.

Also, art is often a reflection of the culture and time in which it is created, and AI cannot replicate this cultural and historical dimension of art.

Admittedly, some applications that have become very popular, such as Lensa, allowing you to create a personalized avatar, raise questions about ethics, royalties, etc. However, this are the companies offering this kind of service which are to be called into question and possibly, to be sanctioned by legal means, as well as all those who blithely flout copyright! Also, users of these apps are unlikely to hire an artist for an avatar. People ready to buy art, are passionate or art lovers who understand the value of the work of artists.

Bottom line: while AI can be used to create plagiarized, uh sorry, "original artwork", it's unlikely to completely replace artists and their unique creativity. It certainly opens up a whole new field of possibilities... But who, in the current state of things, does not have a clearly defined legal and legal status at internationally, not to mention the ongoing lawsuits and huge scandal over images used in databases without the consent of millions of artists or creators. For the moment, the use of these AIs for commercial purposes is plagiarism, copyright infringement, and therefore theft!