Passionate about art and culture since childhood, I spent my childhood and my adolescence reading books -mainly science fiction or fantasy- as well as all kinds of comics, ranging from Franco-Belgian comics to comics, through manga, SF or heroic-fantasy.

I also have a great passion for computers since the same time, since I started with an Atari 520 Ste, offered by one of my uncles. At that time, I dreamed of becoming either a cartoonist or a programmer, since I also spent a lot of time drawing.

Later, I also became passionate about musical instruments, such as the guitar and all kinds of traditional instruments, as well as computer music (MAO)

And since around the beginning of 2022, I decided to learn web programming in order to have a place to share my universe and my passions, and put them back at the center of my life. Thus, this website was entirely made by me, -with of course pieces of open-source code, snippets and some forks- and after a lot of research and web-design!

Today, I am officially a graphic artist, and if I have the opportunity, I would also do frescoes apart from drawing or painting... But I do not rule out creating an activity as a developer in parallel, and does not plan to stop the music either!

Main technologies I used to build this website:

React, Next.js, Tailwind css, Typescript and MDX.

I also used I18n libraries for translations, Zustand for state management, Framer-motion for smooth transitions and Swiper.js for carousels.